Our Interventional Radiology section offers a wide variety of image-guided minimally invasive procedures as well as consultation services to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. A full range of vascular interventions are offered, including emergency services.  Arterial and venous angiography with angioplasty or stent placement, vascular access and dialysis access are all commonly performed.  Other interventions we provide include uterine artery embolization, IVC filter placement, thrombolysis and TIPS.   Many non-vascular image guided procedures are also performed in this department, including US or CT guided biopsies, abscess drainage, and biliary or renal drainage or stenting. We have a spine intervention program offering vertebroplasty, facet injections, and epidural injections.  We also have an  interventional oncology program with a variety of local-regional percutaneous and intraarterial treatment options.  

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